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We did it!  Nearly three weeks ago, 1,800 people, all working to keep the Web knowable, interoperable, and ours, descended upon three cities, in three countries, for three amazing days of connection, reflection, and action.

I (Mardi) have never been part of an event like the Summit, let alone had the opportunity to help organize one.  The team that chose to work on this with me, to make this event what it was, was nothing short of extraordinary.  And while none of them did it for the recognition, I want to take a moment to acknowledge them here nonetheless:

To the Summit Planning Assembly, aka the Content Team (~75), who started it all.  This group, over a grueling four-month period, created the wildly successful session-framework that enabled so many of the rich and juicy Summit conversations to be had.

To the stoic production team (~40) who deftly turned a set of amazing ideas into the powerful story that was not only told but felt – across three time zones.

To the Site Host posse (~135) who stood, like an army in soft blue, as the event’s backbone.  This group solved problems with generosity and owed the messy, simply because the work needed to be done –nothing more.

To the wily experiences group (~40) who conceived of and executed everything from signage to chocolate tasting, Welcome Kits to a Summit app, menu planning to #mozsummit.

To Cliff Argwings, Vuyisile Ndlovu, and Irvin Chen for making the greatest impact on us (we can’t wait to hear about your trips!)


To our emcees (Mary, Tristan, and Arturo) and to anyone who stood on the main stage.  To session facilitators, track owners, and those who stood at tables during the fairs, ready to share. Your selfless commitment, bravery, and persistent energy was contagious and thus fundamental to the long-term impact of the Summit.

And finally to Mitchell Baker, Deb Cohen, Mark Surman, and Pete Scanlon who lead us through this project with grace and commitment. And to the 50+ others who contributed in small ways filling in the cracks with their own bits of magic along the way.  Without each of you, never hesitating to help for a second, the Summit would never have happened in quite the same way.

I read something recently about what makes a great conference:

…If everything is on the line, if in any given moment, someone is going to say or do something that might just change everything. It might even be you who speaks up, stands up and makes a difference.

…If there’s vulnerability and openness and connection. If it’s likely you’ll meet someone (or many someones) that will stick with you for years to come, who will share their dreams and their fears while they listen to and understand yours.

…If there’s support. If the people you meet have high expectations for you and your work and your mission, but even better, if they give you a foundation and support to go even further.

…If it’s part of a movement. If every day is a building block on the way to something important, and if the attendees are part of a tribe that goes beyond demographics or professional affiliation.

And so a final, perhaps the most significant acknowledgement goes out to everyone who showed up to the Summit and left transformed. To everyone who pushed themselves to do something uncomfortable. To everyone who now has a clear call to action, no matter how small, to help build the Web the world needs. For it is all of us who made this thing, and the thing we have yet to become, great.

Partial list of attendee reflections (if you’d like yours linked below, email or leave a comment):

Winston Bowden salivated watching dozens of demos.
Frédéric Harper had an epiphany.
Mike Kaply got extra excited about our users.
Gijs Kruitbosch took away an increased awareness.
Benjamin Kerensa shares his favorite booths at the World Fair.
Swarnava Sengupta felt a part of the common cause.
Ludovic Hirlimann wished he had more time to hang out with other participants.
Chris Cooper shares his takeaways from the Summit for releng.
Doug Belshaw got his mind blown.
Ben Hearsum has a realization about mentorship.
Kevin Ngo loved the What Does the Fox Say dance party.
Nick Cameron attended the Toronto event.
David Clarke considers what is the type of web that users need?
Brett Gaylor loves him some TogetherJS.
Gen Kanai doubles a DJ.
Matt Thompson on practicing open.
Giovanni Keppelen and the pub crawl.
Sujith Reddy shares a play-by-play.
Kim Moir – focus on next (and some great hockey video).
Nino Vranešič thinks Summit next step for Mozilla Slovenia.
Lourdes Castillo (I wish I spoke Spanish).
Andrew T. (feer56) spilled hot chocolate on his cloud shirt.
Kaustav Das Modak learned more than he helped others learn -
Laura Hilliger talks about her session experience (parts 2 and 3 to come…)
Komal Gandhi got new perspective.which
Nuri Abidin (I wish I understood Indonesian)
Grainne Hamilton on leading an open session.
Sai Kiran Alagundula 6 years of dreams, 6 months of wait, 24 hours of journey.
David Walsh on projects that make him proud.
Saurabh Anand broke the ice over Guitar Hero.
Regnard Raquedan was more satisfied contributing than spectating.
Eriska Triana Primayasari will have the Summit stored in her life always.
Abdul Rauf thinks jet lag is disgusting (me too).
Amod Narvekar felt interacting with foreigners was simply awesome.
Abhishek Potnis is encouraged and inspired me to contribute with a fresh zeal and vigor.
Priyanka Nag avoided writing much about the “Shh!!!Secret Zone”
Sean Bolton — learn. share. love.

Partial collection of Summit photo streams (and a couple of videos):

Matt Thompson
Soledad Penades
Hub Figuière
Jafar Muhammed
Thalia Papoutsaki
Julien Vehent
Amod Narvekar
Tanner M. Young
Soumya Deb

Photos of Fairs
Santa Clara photos
Photos from Brussels
Brussels group photos
The Official Summit Photographers
Photos that appeared on the social media screens
China Community’s Chopstick Games @ World Fair in Santa Clara
Mozilla Summit 2013 from Santa Clara by Viking Karwur
192 photos of Mozilla Summit 2013 in Santa Clara
87 photos of Mozilla Office in Mountain View and tour in Silicon Valley
Mozilla Summit 2013 Toronto
Brussels video by Massimo Gervasini
Crowd surfing with Foxy

And, in case you missed it, here are the links to a few of the show videos:

Mozilla Flicks winner
Royals (Walk off the Earth)
Virtual Choir



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  1. loved Summit2013 and wonder for date of next Summit

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